Over 100 juvenile offenders obtain life skills at Katobora Reformatory School

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Over 100 Juvenile offenders at Katobora Reformatory School are being empowered with life skills training in various fields to help them lead a sustainable life once integrated into society.

Zambia Prisons Commissioner Percy Chato visited the school yesterday in his capacity as chief inspector of the reformatories and pledged government’s commitment to ensuring juveniles are given an opportunity to acquire life skills.

Speaking when he addressed the Juveniles after conducting a tour around the School, Mr Chato  encouraged the Juveniles to ensure that they value and appreciate the skills they are acquiring from the reformatory school  in order to become better citizens.

“Government is determined to ensure that all juveniles here benefit from various life skills, and to efficiently achieve the rehabilitation and correction purpose for which the institution exists much depends on you,” he said.

Mr Chato urged the Juveniles to develop a good heart condition that will produce good behaviour in them required for law abiding citizens.

He said the life skills they were acquiring are aimed at preparing them to become responsible self -sustaining citizens once integrated into society.

And speaking earlier Southern Province Senior Provincial Education Standards Officer urged the Juveniles to take the learning process seriously and acquire skills that will identify them in society.

Mr Mulopo however called on the office of the District Education Officer (DEBS) to ensure that the skills of the Juveniles are supported and appreciated.

“The Juveniles need to feel appreciated, I therefore direct that DEBS office Kazungula should liaise with school head teachers in various schools to purchase school uniforms sown by the Juveniles here,”he said.

Mr Mulopo also said that it is important for schools in Kazungula that are starting early childhood classes to purchase classroom desks made by the Juveniles as a way of promoting them.

And Mr Chato was happy with the various agricultural activities the School has engaged in that have eased the operations of the School.

He told the meeting that took place at the school that through gardening, rearing of quails and livestock production the operation cost of the School has gone down.

“The officers here are to be commended for the various agricultural activities being conducted which have helped reduce the operation cost of the school and improved the diet of the Juveniles”, he said.    

The skills being taught at the reformatory school range from carpentry, tailoring, plumbing, construction and electrical.