Marketeers call for peace in the country

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The National Marketeers and Traders Association of Zambia (NATMAZ) has appealed to all its members to maintain peace during the run up to the January 20 presidential election.

NATMAZ national president Goodson Mofya urged all traders, marketeers and vendors across the country to observe maximum peace and tranquillity in their working places.

In an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr. Mofya further urged his members not to be used for any form of political violence by any political party.

Mr. Mofya has also appealed to all peace loving Zambians to observe peace during this period of campaigns and after the elections.

And Mr. Mofya has said his organisation will continue to work and support the government of the day as enshrined in their constitution.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mofya has praised government for upholding the late President Michael Sata’s empowerment programmes for traders, marketeers and vendors in the country.