— IIDCR calls for lifting of RB’s immunity

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-The International Institute of Democracy and Conflicts Resolutions (IIDCR) has urged Acting Republican President Guy Scott to restore former president Rupiah Banda’s immunity.


IIDCR president Tresford Chomba says  his organization would be grateful to Acting President Dr. Scott if he extends  his presidential pardon to fourth Republican President Banda.


Mr. Chomba said just like Dr Scott used his Presidential prerogative to pardon  former cabinet minister in the MMD administration George Mpombo and former Sports deputy minister Stephen Masumba, similary the decree should be extended to former President Banda.




He  said that there is need for Government to restore Mr. Banda’s immunity so that those who are using him as a porn can fall short of lies to tell the Zambian people.


Mr. Chomba has since commended Dr. Scott for exercising his constitutional powers as this shall set precedence and leave a legacy for the nation during his three-month rule.


Government recently removed the immunity of Mr. Banda after the court of law found him with cases of abuse of office during his three year tenure as Republican President.



He  however  expressed  his  confidence that Zambia shall continue to be a haven of peace during and after elections.


He furthermore urged those participating political parties to accept the voters’ decisions on January 20, 2015.


11 candidates are  in the race to plot one to succeed late president Michael Sata.