Farmers in Kasama worried about poor rainfall

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Farmers in Kasama district of the Northern Province have expressed concern over the poor rainfall pattern being experienced in the area.


The farmers told ZANIS in Kasama today that the district may fail to record a bumper harvest this year due drought being experienced in most parts of the district.


One of the farmers Derrick Chitundu of Nkolemfumu village revealed that some maize fields in his area are withering due to poor rains being experienced in the area.

Mr. Chitundu said some parts of the area have had no rains for three weeks posing a danger to cash crops like maize and beans.


He narrated that the poor rainfall pattern will negatively affect the 2014/2015 yields.


Mr. Chitundu has since appealed to the Metrological department to take a proactive role in informing farmers on the weather patterns in order for them to plant the right seeds.


He noted that weather focusing is very cardinal as it helps not only farmers but the country to plan in case of a drought.