Over 8,000 women screened for Cervical Cancer in Chipata

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Over 8,000 women of sexually active age groups have been screened for cervical cancer at Chipata General Hospital since 2012.

Chipata General Hospital Obstetrician Gynecologists Augustinem Cyimaude stated that 8,736 women were screened for cervical cancer bymDecember 2014 from 2012.

Dr Cyimaude stated that most women accessing the service were from the
rural parts of the province.

He attributed the high number of women accessing the service to the intervention measure such as mobile hospitals which helped them access the service as it was brought closer to them.

He was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Chipata recently.

Dr Cyimaude however expressed concern that the working class women were not accessing the service despite them being closer to health facilities.

He stated that prevention is cheaper than treatment hence the need for
career women to come through for screening.

Dr Cyimaude stated that the working women were known to be encouraging others
to go for screening and yet they shunned the service themselves.

Dr Cyimaude said once the women come forward they will be ambassadors to educate others.

He stated that the past two years the hospital was conducting cervical cancer and was yet to start breast cancer screening.