Lungu is the right candidate for Zambia-RB

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Former President Rupiah Banda says Patriotic Front President Edgar Lungu is the right candidate for the highest office in the land because he is acquainted with leadership as he has served in different portfolios of government.


Addressing thousands of Chipata residents where he went to drum up support for the PF candidate in the forthcoming Presidential election yesterday,  Mr Banda stated that Mr Lungu was educated and would not fail to develop the country as he would be on hand to assist were possible.

Mr Banda said there was nothing wrong with him supporting Mr Lungu, who he said was his fellow tribesman.


“Why are they concerned with my decision to support Lungu when they are quite about Vernon Mwaanga’s support for HH, they are saying that the old man should rest but what if I had won in 2011, I could have still been President, ” he said.


Mr Banda noted that he and Mr Lungu discussed the issues affecting the people of Zambia before they started working together.


He stated that people should vote for Mr Lungu who has served in many portfolios unlike HH who has not even held a position of ward chairperson.


And Mr Lungu stated that all concerns that were being addressed by president Sata would continue to receive attention.


He said the promise to work on roads, school infrastructure, agriculture and building hospitals remained a priority for the PF.


Mr Lungu stated that PF was championing the character of one Zambia one nation which is still alive.


He said UPND leader HH hijacked the party after Anderson Mazoka died making it a tribal party.


He noted that other people such as Sakwiba Sikota, John Mulilwa, and Patrick Chisanga were among those that wanted to be at the helm of the party but were denied leadership because HH was tribal.



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