Kitwe street kids’ re-integration programme going on well-DC

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Kitwe District Commissioner Elias Kamanga has said the removal of children from the streets in the district was an ongoing exercise that has continued to receive support from government.

Mr. Kamanga said the programme, which started in 2012, was aimed at absorbing the streets children into foster homes and unifying some of them with their families to enable them lead decent lives.

He explained that when the children are removed from the streets, they are either taken to foster homes where they are counselled and them taken back to school or unified with their families if they manage to trace them.

Mr. Kamanga observed that the issue of street children was one of the biggest challenges which the district was currently facing.

He said government has been releasing funds towards the removal of the children from the streets.

He further said the district administration will channel the funds which it recently received towards furnishing the foster homes with beds, mattress and food.

Mr. Kamanga added that some of the money will be used to support families of vulnerable children to start businesses in order for them to improve their livelihoods.

He disclosed that the district administration was however facing challenges of children who go back on the streets because they find it difficult to adapt to normal life due to the social vices they were addicted to whilst in the streets.

“The challenge we have is that some of these children go back to the streets because they are doctored with social vices and find it difficult to lead normal lives but others have gone back to school and concentrated on their education after being removed from the streets,” he said.


  1. its a good devlopment sir! unifyin streetkids wit families could be better becoz they belong to a particular family line.they re nt a different generation wit streetparents! families should embrace them by showing love,care n support. this rain season they clustered fr warmth.mothers where re we? christians lets carry the cross