Govt. launches social cash transfer in Kawambwa

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Govt. launches social cash transfer in Kawambwa

Kawambwa January 7, 2015 ZANIS—Government says it attaches great importance to every citizen especially those that are disadvantaged.

Community Development, Mother and Child Health Minister, Emerine
Kabanshi said this in Kawambwa yesterday when she officially launched the Social Cash Transfer Scheme at the Public Square.

Ms Kabanshi said the move demonstrates the measures government was putting in place to address the plight of the people in a streamlined manner.

She said the Social Cash Transfer Scheme is one of the measures with evident impacts on the lives of the beneficiaries.

However, Ms Kabanshi stated the overall goal of the scheme is to reduce
extreme poverty.

She explained that the purpose of the scheme is to realize improve the wellbeing of citizens at households level.

The minister retaliated government’s commitment to fighting extreme poverty.

She stated that the programme targets households that are extremely poor
and incapacitated and have lived in the catchment area for not less than six months.

According to Ms Kabanshi at least 1,636 households have been identified in Kawambwa district as beneficiaries to the social cash transfer scheme.

 Meanwhile, Ms Kabanshi presented three K10, 000 cheques to three women clubs in Kawambwa district.