Union welcomes ban on teachers’ transfers

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—A teachers’ union in Mbala has welcomed the ban on transfers for teachers outside Northern Province in a bid to enhance the standard of education in the region.

The Basic Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ) Mbala District Chairperson, Crispin Sindala, says the frequent transfers of teachers have resulted in shortage of teaching staff in most schools.

Mr Sindala said the move taken by the provincial education office to temporarily suspend the transfer of teachers to other provinces is long overdue and will help to retain staff, especially in most rural schools.

He noted that increasing staffing levels in schools was a key in improving the standard of education in the province.

Mr Sindala bemoaned the frequent transfer requests by female teachers after serving for a short period in the teaching service.

He said government has improved conditions of service for teachers and implored them to work hard in imparting knowledge to pupils.

Mr Sindala further appealed to Government to consider stocking adequate educational materials to schools to enable teachers do their work diligently.

Recently, the Northern Province Education Officer, Nero Mwanapau, announced the ban of transfers outside the province following continuous poor performance of pupils in examination classes.