PF Chirundu chairman hails development strides

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PF Chirundu chairman hails development strides

Lusaka, January 4, 2015,ZANIS…Patriotic Front (PF) Chirundu District Chairman Brian Chumpo has disclosed that the area district have seen unprecedented infrastructure development from the time the ruling PF assumed power in 2011.

Mr Chumpo said since independence in 1964, Chirundu was part of Siavonga constituency until when the PF government came into power and made it a new district.

He disclosed the development in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services(ZANIS) in Lusaka today.

Mr Chumpo cited the bottom road which connects Chirundu to the main road which goes to the tourist capital city Livingstone.

He also cited the road from Chirundu passing through Chaiwa to Chongwe and described the road as the shortest road to Lusaka.

Mr Chumpo noted also that the Michael Chilufya Sata bridge has been constructed to international standards much to the delight of the people of the newly created district.

He said before the construction of the bridge people crossed the Kafue river using canoes and the pontoon which claimed many lives.

And Mr Chumpo has also lamented to ZANIS that a good number of clinics and health posts have been constructed at huge cost in the district.

Mr Chumpo said the developmental programmes which have taken place in Chirundu district is what has manifested throughout the other parts of the country.

He also said schools have been built in Chirundu district which lacked adequate schools before the PF came into power in 2011.

Mr Chumpo urged Zambians to reflect on all these developmental programmes which the ruling party has initiated as they vote for a new leader on January 20, 2015.