MMD regrets ‘no go area’ remarks

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The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) has apologized for the statements attributed to its National Executive Committee Chairman Kabinga Pande and Elijah Muchima that Kasempa and Mwinilunga were no go areas for the MMD and Patriotic Front (PF).


Mr Pande and Mr Muchima are both MMD Members of Parliament in the North western province.


MMD acting National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima said such developments were unfortunate and simply showed the level to which politicians are willing to sink in their desperate scramble for survival.


Mr. Mbulakulima said it was awkward that Mr. Pande who is Kasempa Member of Parliament had been with MMD for a long time but never understood that the party is the mother of democracy and introduced Multi-party politics in Zambia in 1991 where all parties are supposed to be free to practice politics, enjoy freedom of movement and speech unhindered by any one.


In a statement availed to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr Mbulakulima said MMD president Nevers Mumba was already addressing the matter adding that all those MMD Members of Parliament campaigning for other political parties were at risk of expulsion.


Mr. Mbulakulima has since urged the nation not to fear but ignore the statements by Mr. Pande and Mr Muchima adding that they have potential of inciting violence in a campaign period which so far has been relatively peaceful.


He said the MMD held peaceful campaign rallies in North western province including Mwinilunga where Dr. Mumba promised the electorate that if voted for he would construct Peter Matoka University in the area.


And Mr. Mbulakulima has urged the United Party for National Development (UPND) to distance itself from what he called autocratic and primitive statements so that they too are not misunderstood.