Chitala, Kopulande back Edgar Lungu (RESENT)

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Veteran politicians Mbita Chitala and Sebastian Kopulande have endorsed the candidature of Patriotic Front (PF) presidential hopeful Edgar Lungu ahead of this months’ elections.


Featuring on a QFM Radio programme dubbed ‘political and economic stability during the transition period’ monitored in Lusaka today, Dr Chitala who served in different portfolios in the MMD government said Mr Lungu is the only qualified individual capable of carrying on the PF developmental agenda.


ZANIS reports that Dr Chitala who among the portfolios also served as Zambia’s Ambassador to Libya and former deputy minister of Finance said Mr Lungu will effectively carry the PF mantle forward because he has an immense knowledge and  experience in the running of national affairs.



He said voting a new party in power will create a dislocation of government programmes which the PF has massively developed during their three years tenure in office.


Dr Chitala said opposition political parties should have just allowed Mr Lungu to go unopposed but did not do so because they do not have the interest of the Zambian people at heart.


And Mr Kopulande who is also a renowned economist said Zambia has recorded rapid economic growth during the PF regime adding that Mr lungu is a s a selfless leader who is seasoned to further expand the economic affairs of the nation.


He said government has spent over K1.2 billion to organize the forth-coming presidential elections which he terms as a waste of resources as it translates into excess expenditure.


“The colossal sum of money to be spent during this election period was not budgeted for because death is not something that you can plan for, so all the money to be used is just a waste of resources, instead the opposition should have allowed Edgar Lungu to continue with developmental programmes unopposed”, he said.


Mr Kopulande who also served in the MMD government as an Advisor to President Fredrick Chiluba said more money will be wasted if a new government is voted into power because no opposition has the required number of Members of Parliament which is 75, further stating that a new government will waste money forming government by recalling and appointing people in various positions.


Mr Kopulande said PF should be voted for continuity because foreign reserves have progressed and the economy has tremendously grown further stating that Mr Lungu is qualified to ensure that Zambia attains higher economic growth.


He said change is irrelevant because government is not in crisis and that was why Mr Lungu has declared that he wants to carry on the vision of the late President Michael Sata.


Zambia goes to the polls this month on January 20 following the death of Mr Sata in October last year.


Eleven Presidential candidates are participating in the elections.