Prison body engages presidential candidates

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-The Prisoner Re-integration and Empowerment Organization (PREO) has asked aspiring presidential candidates to explain how they will help alleviate the various challenges in-mates are facing countrywide.


PREO chairperson Derrick Malumo said it was important for presidential candidates to explain what they will do to improve prison conditions in terms of diet, sanitation and infrastructure.


Mr. Malumo told ZANIS in Lusaka today that most prisons were constructed before 1964 and designed to cater for a small number of inmates.


He further said at the moment the prison population is growing and the prisons are accommodating more than the expected number of inmates .


Mr. Malumo said among the congested prisons are Lusaka Central  which was built to accommodate 600 prisoners and Kamfinsa prison with an initial 800 capacity and now accommodates more than 1000 prisoners with no proper ventilation.


And Mr Malumo has challenged presidential candidates to assure the nation about what they are going to do to integrate ex-prisoners in society.


Mr Malumo also asked the political leaders to highlight how they will take care of children whose parents are in prison.


Mr Malumo said while politicians are campaigning there is need for them to explain deliberate policies they will put in place to help these children if elected as Zambia’s next president.