Chipimo denies dissolving NAREP

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Chipimo denies dissolving NAREP

Kasama, January 2, 2015, ZANIS–National Restoration Party (NAREP) leader Elias Chipimo Junior has refuted media reports that he had dissolved his party and fled the country.

ZANIS in Kasama reports that Mr. Chipimo has described the reports as false and malicious.

He said contrary to the speculation, he is in Kasama to kick-start his campaign tour of the Northern Province ahead of the presidential election set for this month on January 20.

Mr. Chipimo noted that it would be unpatriotic for him to abandon his party at a critical time like now when there is an election taking place in the country.

He has since urged his supporters in the country to ignore falsehoods being spread by his opponents that he is intending to flee the country.

And Mr. Chipimo described the campaigns in Kasama as encouraging owing to the interaction he is having with people at the grass-root level.

He claimed that his party was strong on the ground and is determined to win the forthcoming presidential election.

The NAREP leader, who arrived in Kasama this morning, is in the Northern Province on a four-day campaign trail.