-Service personnel get govt attention

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Government has reaffirmed its commitment to uplift the living standards of service personnel in the country.


Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba said government is set to hand over all completed housing units in order to address the problem of accommodation shortage in some military cantonments in Lusaka.


Mr. Kalaba added that government will soon embark on phase two of constructing additional housing units in other cantonments with similar accommodation problems such as Kala camp, Chiengi, Nsumbu and Lake Kariba where the Marine solders will be stationed.


Speaking during the officers’ Mess annual ball last night, Mr Kalaba  applauded the Zambia Army for their unwavering commitment and unquestionable loyalty to the government.


Mr. Kalaba commended the officers for the role they played during the late President Michael Sata’s funeral and the Golden Jubilee celebrations.


He praised the officers for their exemplary discipline and maintaining peace and order in the nation.


Mr. Kalaba noted that the men and women in uniform were one of the few disciplined Armies in Africa and a source of pride for the Zambians.


And Mr. Kalaba reminded the officers to stay away from partisan politics during the election period.


He urged them to realize that they belonged to a band of the selected few whom the nation has called upon to protect and defend the Constitution of Zambia and the integrity of the nation.


And Army Commander Lieutenant General Paul Mihova has thanked government for its support which he said has made it possible for the Army to have many units established in the country.


Lt Gen Mihova said among them is the newly established Marine Unit in Luapula province which is yet to be officially launched.


He said the creation of the Unit was aimed at securing Zambian water bodies.


Lt Gen Mihova noted that people living in Luapula and the Northern provinces around the lakes have been either abducted or killed by foreign troops for fishing in the shared waters.


He said that such situations will be a thing of the past adding that the presence of the Marine solders will give relief to Zambians living around water bodies.


Lt Gen Mihova reiterated the need for military personnel to remain non-partisan and not to be involved in politics during the fourth coming presidential by-elections on January 20.


He said as much as the military personnel will be allowed to vote their role is to remain professional and uphold the constitution of the land.