Parents, guardians urged to monitor children’s movements

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The Lusaka City Council has said underage drinking and drug abuse can only be addressed if parents and guardians monitor their children’s movement to ensure that they do not leave home during awkward hours.

And the council has warned that officers will be on the ground to patrol drinking places with the aim of ensuring that no underage persons are admitted in drinking places especially during this festive season.

Lusaka City Council Public Relations Manager Habeenzu Mulunda noted that it was dangerous for underage persons to take alcoholic beverages or drugs as doing so would results in various types of accidents and vices.

Mr. Mulunda explained that young people get over excited during the festive season and end up in drinking places which he said should be regulated.

He has since appealed to parents and guardians to take care of their children by ensuring that they do not leave homes especially at night during the festive season.

He further said although the local authority has officers on the ground, parents should also play their roles especially that officers were not enough to monitor all drinking places.

Mr. Mulunda said parents have a great role to play in stopping children from alcohol abuse and other related vises that can ruin children’s future.

He was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today ahead of the New Year celebration tomorrow which is a public holiday in Zambia.

Reports of underage persons patronising drinking places have always emerged especially during festive seasons.