3)–Govt intensifies health service delivery

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Government is constructing thirty one district hospitals throughout the country in order to take health services closer to the people.

Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde said the government through the Ministries of Health and Community Development, Mother and Child Health is intensifying health care development especially in rural areas.

Dr. Kasonde said currently there were 31 district hospitals which were either completed or under construction throughout the country.

He was speaking when he officiated at a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of Vubwi district hospital in Vubwi today.

The Minister said 207 health institutions were being built in the Eastern Province adding that of that number eight were district hospitals.

He said Vubwi district would also receive six health posts in addition to the already existing four health centres.

Dr. Katema said Vubwi district hospital which will be constructed at a total cost of K 13 million will have a bed capacity of 200 and will take one year to be completed starting January next year.

He told the gathering that the emphasis on health delivery services has been the improving levels of care and it was the reason why more ambulances and necessary equipment have been procured in health institutions.

And Eastern Province Assistant Secretary Beenzu Chikuba said the ground breaking ceremony was a great joy to the province and the people of Vubwi district.

Meanwhile, Vubwi District Commissioner Eneless Banda said a population of over 45, 000 in Vubwi was receiving health services from only four centers in the area.

Ms. Banda said the situation forced people to access health services from the neighbouring Malawi, saying, the coming of the district hospital will alleviate the suffering people went through.

She said some people were traveling long distances to Mwami and Chipata General hospitals to seek medical services and the health institution that will be constructed was a big achievement and appreciated development.


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