ZAAA elective AGM has been postponed indefinitely

Samuel Matete - Zambia - World 400m Hurdles Champion in 1991

THE heated Zambia Amateur Athletics Association (ZAAA) elective annual general meeting (AGM) which was set for tomorrow has been postponed indefinitely following a court injunction filed by former world 400 metres hurdles champion, Samuel Matete and four others.
According to a statement released yesterday by ZAAA international relations and communications manager, Davison Mung’ambata, the august gathering had been put off in order to put in place all of the court’s demands.
Mung’ambata, however, said the gathering would soon be reconvened once the delegates who attended the council meeting 12 years ago (2002) were contacted and invited to the 2014 meeting.
Matete and four others including Jonathan Chipalo and Carol Mokola had filed an injunction in the Lusaka High Court restraining ZAAA from disqualifying them from contesting any position at tomorrow’s elective council meeting.

The injunction said the delegates to tomorrow’s AGM should come from the clubs and area boards listed on December 31, 2002 including Young Carol Mokola Club in accordance with the the list of 2014 membership.
“In view of the above, the ZAAA executive committee has consulted the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) and have decided to reschedule the AGM slated for December 27, 2014 to a date to be communicated soon so that, delegates as per 2002 Clubs and Area Boards, can be located and invited to the Elective AGM as directed by the order of injunction.
“In view of the Christmas holiday and the fact that Friday, December 26, 2014 has been declared a public holiday, it will not be possible to locate and communicate to the delegates of 2002 Clubs and Area Boards before December 27, 2014. Hence the decision to postpone the AGM,” Mung’ambata said.

He said in view of this development, ZAAA was trying to communicate with some of the delegates to the 2002 meeting as allocated numbers by the then ZAAA general secretary.
Mung’ambata said for now, the ZAAA executive would try to ascertain and establish the actual delegates to the AGM as ordered by the court.
He, however, said ZAAA had also sought legal guidance from its lawyers on the comprehensive interpretation and as to who the delegates to the AGM should be.
The injunction came about after Matete and four others sought legal redress after they were barred from contesting ZAAA executive positions in ZAAA for allegedly not meeting the requirements.
Matete, who is eyeing the ZAAA presidency, was barred after it was allegedly established from Nkana Amateur Athletics Club and the Copperbelt Athletics Area Board that although he was an athlete at the club 24 years ago, he was not a member of the club.

The 1996 Olympic Games silver medalist was also said not to have been involved in athletic activities at the club and provincial levels for several years.
ZAAA claimed Matete was informed of this position by the club and the area board early this year. Matete’s nomination was also said to have been signed by an unauthorised official at Nkana.
Judith Chaongopa, who was also vying for the presidency, was disqualified after it was discovered that the nominating club, Ministry of Finance Athletics Club was said to be non-existent.
Chipalo was disqualified as he was allegedly not a member of ZAAA and neither was his club Higher Ground which also nominated him, an affiliate.
In rejecting Christopher Manda’s nomination, ZAAA said the presidential aspirant was nominated by an individual, Amon Mwaba, who is not a member of Mufulira Athletics Club.
Manda is said to have ceased to be part of the club more than 15 years ago.
On Carol Mokola, ZAAA stated that Young Carol Mokola Club which nominated her for the position of vice-president, was not affiliated to ZAAA and had been dormant from 2008.
Mokola’s nomination papers were also said not have been seconded.

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