Two Chiefs in Luwingu district endorse Lungu

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Two Chiefs in Luwingu district endorse Lungu

Luwingu, December 25, ZANIS————— Chief Katuta of abena Mukulu tribe and Chief Chipalo of the Bemba speaking people in Luwingu district have endorsed Patriotic Front (PF) Edger Lungu’s candidature in the 20 January, 2015 Presidential by-election.


The duo has further appealed to their subjects to vote for Edgar Lungu during the forthcoming Presidential by-election.

Speaking at his palace yesterday, Chief Katuta appealed to his subject to vote for Mr. Lungu who is contesting on PF ticket in order for the area to achieve maximum development as planned in the PF manifesto.

Chief Katuta said that since the PF took over government, the Ministry of Education, Science and Vocation training has embarked on constructing Katuta boarding secondary school, rehabilitating Musele-Sobingi road saying soon Luwingu-Samfya road will be handed over to the contractor.

He said that this has never happened since independence.

Chief Katuta said people in his area are happy that the PF had reconciled and the campaigns for Edger Lungu are going on smoothly.


He said reconciliation will help to propel development initiated by the late President Michael Chilufya Sata.


Chief Katuta said the PF administration has proved that it is able to improve people’s lives by upgrading road infrastructure, health and education systems in the entire country.

Meanwhile Chief Chipalo said he is happy that the PF has promised to complete programmes initiated by the late President Michael Sata.

In another development, Voter Education Facilitators (VEFs) have appealed to the Zambia News and Information Services-ZANIS to help carry out voter education using mobile public address system because they are failing to carry out the work due to heavy rains.

The VEFs complained that they are failing to conduct meetings with the community because of the rains adding that there was need for ZANIS to start making mobile announcements



  1. Chiefs in politics,r they not just blessing? ok,let someone speak out when such happens 2 another candidate!

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