Elizabeth Chitika reacts to accusations of tribalism

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—————Opposition Movement Multiparty Democracy-MMD National Treasurer Elizabeth Chitika says she is not a tribalist as portrayed by her critics.


In a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today Ms. Chitika said she has been a politician for many years and served as a Member of Parliament for ten years and no tribal element has ever been unearthed on her.


Ms. Chitikia said she strongly believes that supporting some one based on tribe is not right but rather what they can bring to the table for the betterment of the nation.


She alleges that there is an aggressive campaign in Southern Province urging people not to vote for a Bemba in the upcoming Presidential elections because they have ruled before.


Ms. Chitika alleges that all campaign posters for non-Tonga Presidential candidates including those for the ruling party are being pulled down in Southern province.


She said her statement in Kasama was a reaction to what her counterparts in the United Party for National Development (UPND) are doing.


Ms. Chitika has appealed to the UPND not to be quick to condemn others as they are the biggest culprits pushing the tribal agenda in their villages.


Meanwhile Ms. Chitika has maintained that she is not ashamed to have said the remarks in reaction to what is going on.


She has since challenged the UPND to tell Zambians why they do not take the media and cameras when they are campaigning in the villages in Southern Province.



  1. Ms. Chitika, leave the people of southern province out of your cheap tribal foolishness. If you feel threatened by UPND, discuss proper issues and not to dive to tribalism – again. Keep quiet if you have nothing to say! Your president Nevers must be ashamed of you, you parasite.

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