Sata wants to see reconciliation trickle down to grassroots

Mulenga Sata
Mulenga Sata

Lusaka District Patriotic Front Chairman Mulenga Sata says there is need for the reconciliation that has happened in the top leadership of the party to trickle down to the grassroots.
Mr. Sata says there is need for senior officials in the party to see to it that their followers embrace each other as the party heals from its recent divisions.
He says the reconciliation that has taken place in the ruling party is what his late father president Michael Sata would have wanted he had been alive.

Mr. Sata says this is because late President was himself an ambassador and master of reconciliation.

In an interview with Qfm News Mr. Sata says he is personally glad that the ruling party has emerged as a united front especially that it has been his hope that the emerges strong following the death of his father President Sata.
Mr. Sata who is also Lusaka Mayor says had divisions in the PF persisted the chances of the ruling party winning the 2015 presidential election were going to less positive than they are now after reconciliation.