HH promises to sell remaining mine and council houses

HH in Mumbwa Dec 2014
HH in Mumbwa Dec 2014

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has promised to sell the remaining mine and council housing units on the Copperbelt to sitting tenants and expedite the process of issuing them title deeds once elected president.
Speaking when he addressed a rally in Kalulushi yesterday,Mr Hichilema told the gathered crowd how he will tackle the persistent water and sanitation problems that they are facing.
He restated the pledge concerning the retirement age, which he said must be reversed back to 55 together with action to support retirees, stating that he is aware that many are not receiving the payments owed to them.

Mr Hichilema warned voters to be wary of candidates who have already spent some time in positions of power but are only showing willingness to deliver now late in the day and as elections approach.
He told the people that his team will run the country in a way that will generate income which can then be invested in better healthcare and education for all.
The UPND leader says he will run government not in a way that runs up debt, and where money goes to waste on unnecessary government expenditures or simply goes missing.
He says this is because the UPND see government office as a service, and not as a business opportunity.
Mr Hichilema pointed out that he has in his team experienced economic managers who are ready to consult with and listen to civil society organisation, trade unions and employees and business owners.’
In the evening Mr Hichilema addressed members of the Kitwe Chamber of Commerce and mine suppliers and contractors.
They discussed how the government can support those Zambian businesses already in existence to grow, and how government and business can learn from success stories to make sure more can succeed also.
And Mr Hichilema has re-stated his commitment to delivering a new constitution.
Mr Hichilema says having signed a social contract with the Grand Coalition committing to enact the new constitution once elected President; this is now a non-negotiable campaign commitment for the UPND.

He says the failure to deliver the new constitution is just one of the failings of the PF Government which they want to address.
Mr Hichilema says if the PF Government had delivered on its promise to enact the new constitution 90 days after coming to power, the country could have been spared of the confusion and drama over the past few weeks as the process following the death of late President Sata would have been clear.
Mr Hichilema states that instead of the squabbling and fighting which has been seen in the ruling PF, the country could have been moving forward with the business of government and development.
He says it is the opinion of his team that good governance is essential for economic growth and development.
The UPND leader says Zambia now needs a united party in government, willing to work with others regardless of their tribe, gender or background.
Mr Hichilema says there is need to come together to address these governance issues and much more.



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