PPAZ donates to Chembe clinic

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——————– Chembe District Commissioner Simon Lwando has praised the Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia (PPAZ) for partnering with government in the Health Sector.

Mr. Lwando says the support rendered to the Health sector especially in the maternal wing has helped save lives of women and children from dying due to lack of adequate equipment.

ZANIS reports that the District Commissioner was speaking during the handover of maternal equipment to Chembe rural Health Centre in Chembe yesterday.


The Chembe District Commissioner said the gesture shown by PPAZ is a true sign of an organization that has a heart for the people of Chembe and the country as whole.

And PPAZ  Improved Mother and Child Health Project Coordinator Mark Chomba has thanked government for according them an opportunity to contribute positively to the community.

Mr Chomba has advised mothers in Chembe to rush to the health facility as soon as they discover they are pregnant to avoid complications that come with pregnancies.

And Chembe District Community Medical Officer Felix Simute thanked PPAZ for the gesture.

Speaking through Lukola rural health Center Clinical Care Officer Bornface Mfungo, Dr Simute said lack of vital equipment in maternal health has been a challenge in the District.

He has since assured PPAZ and the government that the equipment will be put to good use.