Govt releases K16 million to pay farmers in Kasama

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———-Government has released the final K16 million to pay farmers who supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in Kasama district in Northern province.


In an interview with ZANIS,  Kasama District Commissioner Kalanga Bwalya disclosed that the K16 million will clear all the outstanding arrears owed to farmers in Kasama.


Mr. Bwalya said that the farmers will start receiving their money from several banks in the area today.


He called on the farmers in Kasama to begin checking for their money at NATSAVE, Finance and Cavmont Banks today.


And Ben Sikazwe, who is one of the farmers talked to said it was gratifying that the government has lived up to its word to pay farmers by the end of December. 


On farming inputs, Mr. Bwalya said Kasama district had received almost 100 percent of D-Compound fertilizers.


He added that the top dressing fertilizers (UREA) will be received in the district soon.



  1. thus good newz to local lendng institution lik kaloba,nkongole stata association finance dept open wing, nipempako & nizabweza association etc

  2. its good 4 impulse budgets tho now most of dese moneyz its going 2 pay back most of local lendng institutions lyk K.A.Z(kaloba asociatin)

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