Kawambwa receives inputs under FSP programme

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–The Department of Community Development in Kawambwa district in Luapula province has received 600 x 50 kg bags D compound fertiliser under the Food Security Pack programme in an effort to reduce poverty in the area.

District Community Development Officer, Dominic Mweemba, has confirmed the receipt of fertilizers to ZANIS in Kawambwa today.

Mr Mweemba said 300 vulnerable but viable farmers will benefit from the inputs.
However, Mr Mweemba said his office is waiting for Urea fertiliser and seeds that the government will soon deliver to the district.

He said the distribution of the fertiliser to sub- centres in the district has already started.

Mr Mweemba said Kanengo and Kabanda sub centres have each received 100 x 50 kg bags
of D compound fertiliser.
Mr Mweemba said Muyembe and Musungu sub-centres have also received 200 x 50 kg bags of D compound fertilizers each.

However, he noted that his office is still waiting to receive Urea and seeds under the same programme.