PF reconciliation good for country – Political analyst

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—Political analyst, Alex Ngoma, has commended the two ruling patriotic front factions of acting President, Guy Scot and party president, Edgar Lungu, for burying their differences ahead of the January 20, 2015 presidential elections.

Dr Ngoma, who is also University of Zambia lecturer of political science, said the reconciliation of the two factions is for the good of the nation.

"I have very good news for you. We heard this morning that the Edgar Lungu faction and the Guy Scott faction have reconciled. That is good for the nation," he said.

He was speaking during a Christmas luncheon held for children at Nyamphande Orphanage in Rufunsa district.

Dr Ngoma also announced that Chikondi Foundation, whose board he chairs, will be monitoring the 2015 Presidential elections in Rufunsa in conjunction with the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP).

He said the Chikondi Foundation and FODEP team will be in the area in January to witness the election of a new President who will take over from late President, Michael Sata, who died in London on October 28, 2014.