Monze farmers to receive payments next week

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——Monze District Commissioner, Big Mwiinde, has assured farmers who supplied Maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in the district to be patient as they will be paid soon.


Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Mr Mwiinde explained that small scale farmers owed money by the agency should not despair as efforts were being made to pay all the farmers who supplied their maize to the FRA in the district during the last marketing season.


“I have received good news that some farmers who supplied maize to FRA will start receiving their money presumably next week and all I can ask our small scale farmers who have not been paid yet to be patient as they will be paid soon,” said Mr Mwiinde.


“Of course we have received a lot of complaints from farmers in the district on the delayed payments for the maize they delivered to FRA but I can assure them that by next week they will start receiving their monies,” he added

The District Commissioner, however, reluctantly admitted that the late payments to farmers would affect proper preparations for crop production during the 2014/2015 farming season.


On the other hand Mr Mwiinde said government was up to the challenge of ensuring that all the farmers under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) received all the farming inputs they needed on time.


He explained that most of the small scale farmers under FISP had already received farming inputs, notably basal dressing fertiliser and maize seed, adding that the district would soon start distributing top dressing fertiliser to all small scale farmers in the district.


“I would say we have delivered all the farming inputs except for top dressing fertiliser which is being delivered to the district as I speak and hopefully next week all farmers will receive top dressing fertiliser,” Mr Mwiinde said.


Meanwhile, Mr Mwiinde said 1,400 x 50 kg bags of top dressing and basal fertiliser has been distributed to vulnerable people in the district under the Food Security Pack (FSP).


Mr Mwiinde said the programme under the tutelage of the Department of Community Development aims at supporting the aged, poor people, orphaned and other vulnerable people in society, adding that the programme has achieved positive results in reducing poverty in the district.