Long distance discourages voters’ cards replacement in Kawambwa

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—Many eligible voters of some areas of Pambashe ward may not have their lost or destroyed voters’ cards replacement.

This is because of the long distances to the station where the voters’ cards replacement exercise will be done.

This came to light yesterday when some members of the District Voter Education Committee (DVEC) visited the area to monitor the Voter Education Facilitators (VEFs).

Voter Education Facilitator (VEF), Precious Mambwe, said many people of Kuyumba, Mweo, Chibi and Bukankala villages among others complained bitterly that they will not have their voters’ cards replaced because Kanengo replacement centre is 37 km away.

Miss Mambwe said people’s complaints are genuine because the villages are very far from Kanengo voters’ cards replacement centre.

She noted that the situation is worrying because many people will not participate in the January 20 Presidential poll.

And Andrew Sinyangwe, who is carrying out voter education in Ilombe ward, said it is difficult to mobilise people because most of them are going for cultivation because it is a rainy season.

However, other voter education facilitators are urging the Electoral Commission of Zambia to urgently send megaphones and various posters to enhance their facilitation in the field.