Dr Pule joins the race to Plot One

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–Christian Democratic Party (CDP) president, Danny Pule, has successfully filed in his nomination papers at Supreme Court for the Presidential elections scheduled to take place on January 20, 2015.

Dr Pule arrived at Supreme Court grounds in the company of his wife, party officials and supporters.

The CDF President declared his assets worth K71m and successfully filed in his nomination papers before Acting Chief Justice, Lombe Chibesakunda, after raising the required 200 supporters and meeting other electoral conditions.

And speaking after filing in his nomination papers, Dr Pule said his party, once voted into power next year, will put God as first priority as part of the manifesto by ensuring that the Church is involved as partners in national development.

Dr Pule further promised that his party will reduce the high cost of living for all Zambians by ensuring a reduction in the price of mealie-meal and other essential commodities.

He charged that the campaigns have now started since he has successfully filed his papers and will go country-wide campaigning for the forthcoming Presidential elections.

Dr Pule has since urged his supporters to work together to ensure that they win next month’s President elections.