ZANIS COPY; – 16-year-old Kalabo boy electrocuted

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——————————- A 16-year-old boy of Nakambe village in Chief Ishewambuto Chiefdom in Kalabo district has sustained serious burns when he tried to passed under ZESCO power line.


Both ZESCO Kalabo Branch Manager Wamuwi Mwanagombe and the father to the victim Kakoma Kayombo confirmed the incident which occurred at 07:00 hours today.


Mr Kayombo explained that his son Kayombo Kakoma was electrocuted when he tried to pass under a ZESCO power line which is less than a meter high in a company of his mother on their way to an unknown destination.


Kayombo sustained burns on his face and back and is currently admitted to Kalabo District Hospital.


He said the ZESCO power line was lowered after lighting struck on several poles that fell to the ground in the area.


ZESCO has in the recent past been sensitizing the community in the area against passing or touching power lines that have fallen to avoid such accidents.