Total Zambia donates to Kasisi orphanage

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Total Zambia Limited has donated 100 solar lamps to Kasisi Children’s Home.

Total Zambia Limited Sales and Commercial Director John Ryder said the solar lamps are meant to assist the children when the orphanage experiences a power blackout.

Mr. Ryder hoped that Kasisi Children’s Home will find the solar lamps useful in assisting the children to do their school work when there is a power outage.

He said this when he handed over the 100 solar lamps to the orphanage yesterday.

He has since assured the orphanage administration that the solar lamps were environmentally friendly.

And Kasisi Children’s Home Sister-In-Charge Mariola Mierzejewska said the lamps will help ease the difficulties which children are faced with in an event of a power outage.

She said the solar lamps will be used by the children to scare away snakes in the night.