(IGNORE FIRST COPY ) – HH to halt overlapping international debt

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HH to halt overlapping international debt


Lusaka, December 19, 2014,ZANIS—Drama ensued at the Supreme Court in Lusaka as opposition UPND cadres and supporters overpowered police to gain access to the court grounds.


The cadres further attempted to force their way into the court building to witness their party president Hakainde Hichilema file in nomination for the January 20, 2015 Presidential election.


Police reinforcements called to help quell the ensuing pandemonium watched helplessly as a sea of UPND follower thronged the Supreme Court grounds.

Traffic around the Supreme Court area was jammed as roads around the area were blocked by motor vehicles and huge crowds of UPND followers.


Mr Hichilema who arrived at the Supreme Court accompanied by his wife Mutinta, and party officials, successfully filed in his nomination before acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesa Kunda, who was flanked by Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Chairperson, Justice Irene Mambilima .


The 52 year old opposition leader commended ECZ for successfully organising and presiding over the nomination process in view of the huge number of people gathered outside the court building.


Mr Hichilema said he was the only candidate with an imperious leadership track record and pedigree to lead Zambia to greater heights.


He pointed out that it is unprecedented in the history of the country for opposition law makers to reach a consensus and endorse him as presidential candidate.


Mr Hichilema pledged to develop the country by ensuring that resources are equitably distributed and providing an enabling and conducive business environment.


He said his administration will invest heavily in education to develop the required skills necessary to develop the country.


Mr Hichilema said once elected he will immediately ensure that Zambia’s growing international debt accrued by the PF administration to finance infrastructural developments is halted.


He charged that the PF is a violent party and Zambia needs a peaceful leader like him to unite and protect the country from machete-wielding culture of the ruling party.


Mr Hichilema cautioned Zambians against engaging in violence during and after the elections but instead remain peaceful.


Former First Lady, Maureen Mwanawasa, veteran politician, Vernon Mwaanga, former ministers in the Chiluba regime, Dipak Patel and Suresh Desai, and former Justice Minister in the PF government, Sebastian Zulu, were among prominent people that came to witness the opposition leader file in his nomination papers.