Scott given 7 days to exculpate himself


Patriotic Front Secretary General Davis Chama has given acting President Guy Scott seven days to exculpate himself and show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against him for writing a letter to acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda without authority of consent of the Central Committee or the party President.

In a letter to Dr Scott dated 17th December marked confidential obtained by QFM News, Mr Chama notes with sadness Dr Scott’s disloyalty to the ideals of the party as a member.

Mr Chama reminds Dr Scott that since the death of President Michael Sata his actions and acts to cause negative publicity in the media about the PF have continued.

He states that on several occasions before and after the PF General Conference held on 29th November during which Mr Edgar Lungu was elected president, Dr Scott’s deeds are designed to destabilize the unity of the ruling party and the nation.

Mr Chama remind Dr Scott that the letter he wrote to the acting Chief Justice asking her not to entertain any PF candidate during the filing of nominations until the pending legal processes are completed,was not only provocative but an act of gross indiscipline and created a sense of despondency in the minds of PF members and could result in the PF not having a presidential candidate for the forthcoming presidential election.

He says this act alone has brought the name of the Patriotic Front in high disrepute.


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  1. Lets Sata said i have useless ministers,noone talked of 7 days excupation or demotion-something wrong!

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