Lukulu PF Officials demand for Guy Scott’s expulsion

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——– — Patriotic Front officials in Lukulu District have called for the dismissal of party Vice President Guy Scott.


Lukulu PF District Youth Chairperson Amon Makai condemned recent actions by Dr. Scott who is also Acting Republican President saying his actions are not in good faith to the ruling party.

Mr. Makai revealed that from the meeting which was held yesterday at the party office, the consensus by party officials and members in the district is that Dr. Scott be expelled.

He feared that Dr. Scott might destroy the party if he is not disciplined by the executive committee.


Mr. Makai who was accompanied by the Constituency Secretary Kamanga Kaumba also alleged that Dr. Scott’s actions have not benefitted the party saying that since the campaigns started he has never supported party programs.

And PF Constituency Secretary Kamanga Kaumba said Dr. Scott should just be fired from the party saying he opposes everything that party officials do.