HH comes to Scott’s defence

HH UPND addressing the Mumbwa rally
HH UPND addressing the Mumbwa rally

United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema has come to the defence of Acting President Guy Scott who is facing calls to resign from his position.

Mr Hichilema says there is no need for abrupt changes in the government structure such as the agitation to have Acting President Guy Scott removed unconstitutionally and replaced.

He says Dr Scott he is legally mandated to manage this transition regardless of what people think.

The UPND leader points out that the country is now barely 30 days before the elections and that everyone’s wish is to smoothly and peacefully complete this process without any disturbances to the government operations.

Mr Hichilema adds that Acting President, Guy Scott’s call to guard against abuse of state resources during campaigns is a welcome move.

He has appealed to the PF to run the affairs of government smoothly during the remaining days before the election to serve the people.

He says it is now increasingly becoming clear that some of the actions of the officials in the ruling PF are destabilising the peace and unity the country has enjoyed over 50 years.

Mr Hichilema in a statement issued to QFM News today states that priority has to be to guard the peace and unity at all costs.

He says while the PF fight amongst themselves, Zambians all over the country are looking for leadership as they continue to suffer.

Mr Hichilema however, says the UPND will not delve into the intra-party wrangles of their competitors as they regard such as purely internal affairs.

He says the UPND’s priority is to continue with their campaign, spreading the message of a united Zambia.


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  1. There is definately a great deal to know about this topic.
    I really like all of the points you made.

  2. HH, you are almost winning my vote but if you don’t see that GS is a danger to our peace then I will withdraw my vote for you.

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr Guy Scott is superintending over the affairs of the country as Acting Head of State. Let us respect him until he hands over power to the incoming President. Any well meaning Zambian at this stage should respect our acting head of state. I for one have started feeling for him, there is too much on his shouders. A christian nation does not behave the way we are behaving as Zambians. We are behaving like Muslims.
    Let us commit the happenings in our country in the hands of God.
    Where have we placed God in all the happenings in our country. We will never see peace until humble ourselves and pray.
    Guy Scott is not the problem, the problem is we have put God aside and want to resolve issues with own intellect. I for one is believing God. Edith Nawakwi and General Miyanda have behaved as mature Christian politicians so far. We are saying Zambia forward, Pamaka etc, have prayed about these leaders and have we consulted God? There is too much Canality in the way we are pushing the agenda of leadership in Zambia. God is watching us.

  4. Edgar lungu from the start made it clear to the public that they will not use govt resources,now I know that they old man is being used by the cartel,he is a lying to us Zambians.

  5. Its so amazing to see how hunger and anger for power cn make politicians eat their vomit, we were told by HH not long ago tht Guy Scott is the most useless white man… Jst curious on how a normal person can support ideas of a foolish person! Meanwhile the white man says “birds of the same feather………”

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