SWASCO reconnects water supply to South police camps

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The Southern Water and Sewerage Company (SWASCO) has reconnected water supply to all the Police stations and camps in Southern Province.

The water utility company had disconnected water supply to all police camps in Southern province because it is owed K1.5 million by the Police Service.

SWASCO Managing Director Charles Shindaile said the utility company reconnected water supply to the affected camps after Zambia Police Service Headquarters in Lusaka promised to pay part of what it owes the water company towards the settlement of the K1.5 m outstanding bill.

And Mr. Shindaile stated that it was difficult for the company to operate effectively and improve water supply if its customers do not pay up their bills.

He said the cost of operation and maintenance was high hence non-payment of bills greatly puts pressure on the company.

And Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Brigadier General Emeldah Chola said her ministry has already engaged the Ministry of Finance to help settle the outstanding bills not only in Southern Province but the whole country.

Brigadier Gen. Chola said her ministry is in the process of settling water bills not only to police stations that were disconnected of water supply in Southern Province but also other stations in the other parts of the country.

SWASCO disconnected water supply to all Police stations and camps in Southern province for about two weeks due to an outstanding bill of about K1.5 million that was owed to the water utility company.


  1. Because they have paid k1,000 towards there outstanding bill of over k1,8000. SWSC is completing rehabilitating the pathetic water network in the livingstone police camp for free since home affairs has not done so years.