PF Presidential wrangles deepen

Sylvia tekanya - Mumbi Phiri advised Masebo at PF General Conference
Sylvia tekanya - Mumbi Phiri advised Masebo at PF General Conference

Acting President Dr Guy Scott has written to Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda, advising her not to entertain anyone who will show up as PF presidential candidate during filing of nominations as PF presidential candidate, but his action has drawn widespread condemnation from other senior members of the PF.

The filing in of the nominations of Presidential candidates starts tomorrow and runs through to the 23rd December 2014.

Writing in his capacity as PF vice-president, Dr Scott says the Acting Chief Justice, who is Returning Officer for Presidential candidates, should not entertain anyone until the matter of who is duly elected PF president is concluded by the court.

In a letter dated December 12, 2014, Dr Scott says he is committed to ensuring the PF follows its procedures as outlined by its constitution, and that it is therefore important that the party resolves its current disagreements round the selection of the party president before seeking to file for nomination.

Dr Scott says that the legal processes that will assist the party in finalizing the nominations have not yet been exhausted.

He however hopes that the matter will be finished before December 20, 2014, the date the PF is expected to nominate its candidate for the January 20, 2015 presidential election.

ZNBC has contacted Dr Scott, who has confirmed he is the author of the story which already circulating online.


But Patriotic Front-PF President Edgar Lungu has appealed to Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to ignore the letter by Acting President Guy Scott directing that the PF presidential nominations be deferred or suspended until the purported legal process is resolved.

Mr Lungu in a letter to Acting Chief Justice says the letter has no blessing from him as the party president or the Central Committee and has described the act as gross indiscipline.

He says as far as the PF is concerned the Lusaka High Court has got before it a consent judgment that was passed on December 3 2014.

Mr Lungu says the consent judgment that declared him as PF president is still valid.

He says article 76 of the Zambian constitution that establishes the Electoral Commission of Zambia-ECZ states that the Commission is independent and autonomous.

Mr Lungu says the Acting Chief Justice as a returning officer of the Independent Electoral Commission of Zambia cannot, will not and must not be receiving instructions or directives from anyone else other than the Electoral Commission.

Urgent central committee meeting

Following the new development, Patriotic Front is this evening convening an emergency Central Committee meeting to discuss the possible expulsion of Dr Guy Scott who is also Acting Republican President.

PF Chairperson for Labour, Davies Mwila says he has informed the PF Secretary General, Davies Chama that he intends to raise a motion to expel Dr Scott for his actions that have demonstrated that he does not mean well for the party.

Mr. Mwila says this follows the letter leaked on social media in which Acting President Guy Scott is alleged to have instructed Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda not to accept the Presidential nomination papers for PF President Edgar Lungu.

He says Dr Scott’s actions demonstrate that he is not a friend of the party.

And Tourism Minister, Jean Kapata says she is disappointed with the actions of Dr Scott and has warned the Acting President of stern action from the party.

Meanwhile Foreign Affairs Minister, Harry Kalaba says Dr Scott should not mix the affairs of the Executive with that of the Judiciary.

He says the Judiciary should be left to operate independently and that he should immediately STOP his actions.

And Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister, Nkandu Luo it is surprising to know where Dr Scott is drawing the authority to act on behalf of the party when he is a Vice President.

She pointed out that Dr Scott will not be allowed to continue with his underhand methods of wanting to kill the party.

The four where speaking in a walk in interview at ZNBC this afternoon.

Patriotic Front youth Chairman Chishimba Kambwili has appealed to
Acting President Guy Scott to put the interest of the ruling party

Mr Kambwili has told ZNBC news in Kitwe that Dr Scott must know that what is at stake is the ruling party and NOT individuals.

Dr Scott to appeal

But Acting President, Guy Scott says he will appeal if he is expelled from the party.

Dr Scott who is PF Vice President has been threatened with expulsion by some member of the Central Committee for writing a letter to Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda in her capacity as returning officer for the Presidential elections.

In the letter Dr Scott has reminded Justice Chibesakunda of the court process regarding the PF leadership and requested her not to accept any nomination from the party until the court process is concluded.

The members of the central committee questioned if Dr Scott has the interests of the party.

But Dr Scott has also questioned how the members of the central committee can have the party’s interest at heart if they are not doing the right thing.

Following General Conference held in Kabwe, Dr Scott was suspended from the party but his suspension was short lived after some members of the central committee who suspended him apologized and reconciled with him.




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