Heavy rains rip off roofs of church, school, house

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—-A family of seven  in Chibolya B  Compound in Itezhi Tezhi district in Central province has been left homeless after strong  winds ripped off the roof of their house at night during a heavy down pour. 


Juliet Lumbala, daughter of the owner’s house, said the roof was ripped open while rains soaking all the seven members of the family who were fast asleep around 22:00 hours.


Lunba said all family members had to stay in the house until the rains finished.


“It happened at the time when all the seven family members were in the house. They got soaked and had to endure until the rains were over,” Lumbala recounted.


She said there were no injuries recorded as the ripped roof fell on the ground when the strong winds blew it off.


ZANIS visited the place and found that the damage was significant.


Meanwhile, a roof of Kataba New Apostolic Church and Iyanda Primary School in Itezhi Tezhi district has also been blown off by strong winds during heavy rains.


 Itezhi Tezhi New Apostolic Church District Elder, Luka Nyambe, has confirmed the destruction of the roof of the church bulding.


Mr Nyambe, however, said there were no injuries recorded because it happened at night when there was no one in it.


A visit to the scene by ZANIS revealed that the strong winds plucked out the entire roof, soaking the entire furniture and floodimg the floor.


About 428 New Apostolic Church faithful of the Kataba congregation are affected by the incident.


Meanwhile, the roof of   Iyanda Primary school in chief Musungwa’s chiefdom in Itezhi Tezhi has been blown off.


A check by ZANIS revealed that a portion of about ten iron sheets of the only standard classroom block that was built from Constituency Development Funds (CDF) has been plucked out from the school roof top.


The Zambia Meteorology Department had warned of heavy down pours in a bulletin issued recently that Zambia would experience heavy rains and thunderstorms in some areas.



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