Do not panic; God has already chosen a leader – Islamic Council tells Zambians

Mosque, Shops
Mosque, Shops

The Islamic Council of Zambia says there is no need for Zambians to panic over the country’s next leader because God has already chosen the next President.

Islamic Council of Zambia President Suzyo Zimba has told Qfm in an interview that Zambians should simply exercise patience and wait on God to avail his chosen leader for the country.

Mr. Zimba says Zambians should believe God for the best, adding that even as Muslims, they believe in faith and patience, adding that God has a better plan for Zambia.


He adds that if Zambians allow God to give the country a leader of his choice, that leader will not have challenges in leading the nation and delivering according to the expectations of the people.

Mr. Zimba states that they also expect the next president to give the people of Zambia a people driven constitution.

He notes that once a new constitution is given to the people, it will be easy for government to work with the people.

Mr Zimba has further expressed hope that the next President will also allow other religions in the country to worship freely.

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  1. We know that God has given Zambia a president we are also aware that islam is not a religion of peace they use violence and terror to spread their religion you should thank the real God not ”Allah” for being able to live freely in Zambia.

  2. Ba Zimba, Zambia is wholly a christian nation. We the citizens of this country shall not allow that declaration to be scrapped off. We have enjoyed peace for 50 years and this is what most countries are suffering to achieve.

  3. Zambia is a Christian Country. We don’t want what is happening in Pakistan school killing of children, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Australia hostage taking, etc. God will never allow someone to kill on His behalf. No one can decide for Him. Those killing in the name of religion, which Heaven will welcome people with blood? Only in the name of the devil. Please Zambians, let us guard our country from the devil by staying firm in Jesus and the true God of peace and true justice. The works of darkness will never prevail not matter how many people they kill, true Christians will never tremble before evil.

    • Zambia is a Christian Nation period. I write this because Mr. Zimba is talking like there is no religious freedom in Zambia by saying that the next leader should ensure that there will be religious freedom. This to me is a false claim. There is religious freedom in Zambia even if we are a Christian nation. I believe this position must be respected, I mean Zambia as a Christian nation. If Christians talk about religious freedom in an Islamic country they are heavily censored, beaten or killed. To the contrary, there is no evidence that other faiths are being persecuted in Zambia. We are enjoying worshiping our true God in peace and we should left to do so and not bring confusion in the name of religious freedom. Zambians have chosen to recognise Jesus Christ, who as God incarnate, lived among us, was reachable, touchable and never sinned because as God incarnate (Emmanuel) He took in the human form but not its sinful nature.