Miles Sampa applies for a stay execution on consent judgment

Miles Sampa
Miles Sampa

Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa has applied for a stay of execution on the consent judgment which declared Edgar Lungu as duly elected Patriotic Front President.
In his affidavit in support of summons filed by his lawyers in the High Court registry today, Mr Sampa contends that if the consent judgment is not stayed, Mr Lungu will proceed to file his nomination as Patriotic Front presidential candidate.

Mr Sampa says this is considering that Mr Lungu has an adoption certificate.
The Supreme Court yesterday referred back to the High Court the matter in which Mr Sampa has challenged the declaration of Mr Lungu as the duly elected PF president.
This is order to allow Mr Sampa to apply to be joined to the consent judgment which declared Mr Lungu as the sole PF presidential candidate.


  1. The cartel is behind him,it’s very shocking that he has never said anything about the cartel

  2. This Man was hiding the me! me! attitud,the selfish attitud,the no One bt me attitud. Let hm get Example of th Honrable GIVEN,SIMUSA ,CHISHIMBA,& MULENGA who have shown REAL pf. . .he is showng his premature politics who sims to hv no thought 4 the future of the pf party,,,,The Highcourt shud teach Hm Lesons !!

  3. Miles Sampa if you humble yourself and accept that we can’t have two leaders in pf at the same time and let Lungu stand because he is more popular than you if you make pf lose this election no one is going recognize you in 2016 you are actually ruining your political career by what you are doing