Kasama farmers paid their dues

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—-Government has released K10.2 million to pay farmers who supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in Kasama.

Kasama District Commissioner, Kalanga Bwalya, disclosed that this is out of the K26 millio owed to farmers in the district.

Mr Bwalya noted that farmers have since started receiving their money from several banks in the area.

He revealed that government is working hard to ensure that all farmers are paid before the end of this December. 

A check by ZANIS at NATSAVE, Finance and Cavmont Banks this afternoon found long queues of farmers from all the satellite depots waiting to receive their dues.

Patrick Chanda of Mwasha satellite expressed happiness that their money has finally been released.

Mr Chanda, however, complained that the delay in paying them has negatively impacted on the 2014/2015 farming season.

And Emeldah Nkole, 64, of Lukulu North complained that farmers have been subjected to stand in the sun for long hours to get their money.

Ms Nkole expressed displeasure that despite her lining up as early as 04:00hrs the procedure being followed by the banking facilities to pay them was very slow.

She observed that it is unfortunate that after so many months of struggling farmers can still be subjected to delays to get their money.