Govt. eager to reduce poverty-Kabanshi

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Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health Emmerine Kabanshi says government is eager to reduce poverty and vulnerability in the country.


Ms. Kabanshi said this in Lusaka today during the launch of the national social protection policy aimed at reducing poverty, inequality and vulnerability in the country.

Ms. Kabanshi said the formation of the national social protection policy is one of government’s dedicated efforts to ensuring that the role of social protection in pro-poor growth remains central.


She said this policy pioneers a paradigm shift in social protection implementation in Zambia, noting that poverty in Zambia stands at an alarming rate of 60.5 per cent.


Ms. Kabanshi said social protection measures will have to address the different levels and forms of poverty and vulnerability.


She said social protection supports development through building human capital, breaking the integrational transmission of poverty and reduction of both social and economic inequalities.


Ms. Kabanshi said the operationalisation of this calls for a multi-sectorial approach that will address the limitations such as inadequate financing that have been associated with the sector.


The event was also attended by wife to Acting President Charlotte Scott, Local Government deputy minister Forrie Tembo, Agriculture Deputy Minister Greyford Monde, Education Deputy Minister Patrick Ngoma and DMMU National Coordinator Patrick Kangwa.