Farmers urged to diversify

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—————A senior government official in Northern Province has urged farmers to diversify from maize to other crops.


Kasama District Commissioner, Kalanga Bwalya said growing of various crops like rice, soya beans, groundnuts, cassava, beans, and millet can contribute to household food security

and eventually reduce poverty.


He said such crops when grown with utmost effort from the farmers were equally profitable.


Mr. Bwalya said over-dependence on maize production especially on a smaller scale was worrying and disadvantaging farmers.


He also called on farmers to take advantage of the many water sources and swampy areas to engage in irrigation, fish farming and rice production.


Mr. Bwalya added that the livestock sector was also another area that could greatly increase the income of farmers when ventured into.


He appealed to farmers to consider agriculture as a business in order to derive benefits from the sector and improve their living standards.