EIZ implores engineers to maintain quality works

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The Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) says it is committed to ensuring continuous improvement of the procurement of engineering works, goods and services in the country.

EIZ vice president George Sitali said this is because engineering works play a critical role in the nation through contributing a share to gross domestic product and employment country wide.

Mr. Sitali said this during the stakeholders’ workshop on procurement of engineering services in Lusaka today.

Mr. Sitali said engineering works, goods and services have become a fundamental economic activity and play a key role in infrastructure building, competitiveness and trade facilitation.

He noted that the role of engineering inputs into other sectors of the national economy was crucial as well as their contribution to manufacturing output growth and productivity.

He therefore said there was need for engineering professionals to be more serious about their responsibility for the quality work produced.

Mr. Sitali said the ultimate aim of the workshop was to develop the principle which could be used in the engineering professionals for the procurement of engineering works, goods and services.

He said it was important to reiterate the essentials for successful procurement process to firms and consultants so as to mitigate risks and ensure that procedures for probity and accountability were diligently followed.