Lungu pledges cheaper mealie-meal, rule of law

Hon. Edgar Chagwa Lungu took time to officially open a Military Hospital in Ndola
Hon. Edgar Chagwa Lungu took time to officially open a Military Hospital in Ndola

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) president Edgar Lungu has pledged that under his presidency, Government leaders will be expected to be humble servants, adhere to Christian principles in the quest to improve the lives of citizens.
Speaking when he addressed thousands of people at a rally in Mandevu in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Lungu also pledged to enact a people-driven constitution by 2016 and implement plans that will cut out middlemen to reduce prices of goods including mealie meal and fuel.
“By 2016, the constitution will be ready. Immediately I was appointed Minister of Justice, I released the final draft and so no one should cheat you about the constitution,” he told the cheering crowd.
Mr Lungu, who is Minister of Justice and doubles as Minister of Defence, said he is a servant of the people and he will listen to people’s demands and needs if elected into office on January 20.
He said jobs will be created through various means including investment in the economic zones.
Mr Lungu said that milling plants will be established in regions where maize is grown to help bring down prices of mealie meal.
And Mr Lungu has promised to investigate why it is easier for foreigners to get wealthy than it is for Zambians.
“After you vote for me, I will investigate why it is difficult for citizens to acquire wealth as quickly as foreigners. I will make the acquisition of land easier for Zambians,” Mr Lungu said.
He also told the crowd that the process to recognise Henry Sosala as Chitimukulu is already underway.
“The first thing I will do when I enter State House is to sign the Statutory Instrument recognising Henry Sosala as Chitimukulu,” he said.
On taxes, Mr Lungu said he will empower Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) so that it effectively collects taxes on behalf of the people.
“I wish to warn all those that have been using government officials to shield them from paying taxes that the day of reckoning is coming. You will pay back all that you owe Government,” Mr Lungu said
He also said he will revisit the issue of the retirement age which was recently increased from 55 to 65 years because President Sata was against it and that he never signed the Statutory Instrument (SI).
Mr Lungu said his government will respect the rule of law.
And Itezhi Tezhi member of Parliament Greyford Monde told the crowd to vote for Mr Lungu because he will continue with the development projects that President Sata initiated.
Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya said it is clear that people want Mr Lungu to be the President.
“I am appealing to you to work hard so that Mr Lungu wins this election. I am working in the background to ensure that Mr Lungu becomes President of this country,” Father Bwalya said
The rally was punctuated by performances by musicians Wesley Chibambo (Dandy Krazy), Jordan Katembula (JK) and Mozegator, among others.
Meanwhile, euphoria characterised the rally when Mr Lungu arrived aboard a helicopter, which flew over the arena before it landed while people sang songs of praise for Mr Lungu.
And PF secretary-general Davies Chama says there has been no conclusiveness between the Government and Cabinet Office on the retirement age.“As the ruling party, we wish to categorically state that we are going to engage the trade union bodies, Cabinet Office and other stakeholders to consult and come up with an amicable position that will be beneficial to both the civil and private service, the citizenry and above all the young resourceful people of our nation,” Mr Chama said in a statement issued yesterday.


Zambia Daily Mail


  1. every one is saying cheap this cheap that…huh i smell mor money in ur pockets + 90 days i will vote for u if u will increase the price of beer.

  2. Pipo this edgar has bin here already & he is stil here,hypocritis why didnt he ask his father to feel mercy for the pipo who voted for him.atase was zambia nt the same zambia we had before? think twice

  3. Hopeless chap, and you think people are dumb enough to believe you? Unfortunately most are going by the number of ‘Viva Lungus’ that i see everyday. Damn shame.

  4. Our eyes are not closed and we are not babies where by a person like lungu can continue cheating us.its all rwabish.Go HH.

  5. This person is in power already and he hasn’t gaven us cheaper mealie-meal. Why is he lying to us..coast of living is too high under PF.

  6. His hero swore to govern by the ten commandments, did he? He deported a Catholic priest in the middle of the night, was he sober?

  7. His hero swore to govern by the ten commandments, did he? He deported a Catholic priest in the middle of the night, was he sober?

  8. That is a true leader, what else do want Zambians. Let’s vote for him or we will regreat. Edgar Chagwa Lungu ” THE CHOOSEN ONE “

  9. I get sick when I see Zambian politicians,they gave me brain cancer ,Ebola ,and I get monthly periods

  10. u thought he was following ms s vision? correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it ms that removed mealie meal subsidies and who also condemned sosala as chitimukulu? very confusing! or maybe he’s just forgotten as he seems to have a problem with his memory

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