Zambia progressing well toward digital migration

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— Government has re-assured the nation that Zambia is on course towards meeting the digital migration deadline set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary (PS) Chanda Kasolo said government has put in measures and a policy which is working towards meeting the digital migration on July 16th, 2015.

Mr. Kasolo said Zambia could not meet the SADC regional deadline in June 2014 because it had to re-advertise the tenders.

He disclosed this in Lusaka today when he addressed Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services employees.

“Zambia is on course to migrating from analogue to digital. The delay has been that my ministry had to re-advertise the tenders in the migration processes,” Mr. Kasolo said.

Botswana is one of the African countries that have migrated digitally.

Meanwhile, the PS has challenged the media to give digital migration a human face by highlighting more stories in order to educate the public.

Mr. Kasolo observed that members of the general public do not understand the digital migration hence the need for the public media not to neglect disseminating information on migration process.

He said the community radio and television stations in the country were however doing a commendable job as the rural populace were now able to get first-hand information on policies of the government.

He noted that due to the commendable job that the media was doing, government was prompted to create the Independent Broadcasting Authority which is responsible for monitoring the operations of the media.

The PS is happy that the media in the country is growing reiterating that government did not want to interfere with the operations of media houses.