— Suspected Army Worms dictated in Chibombo District

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Suspected Army Worms dictated in Chibombo District



December 12, 2014 – ZANIS –  Army worms have been detected in Chiyuni Agriculture Camp in Chibombo District.



ZANIS reports that Chibombo District Agricultural Coordinator Etambuyu Anamela disclosed the developmen5tr in an interview , today.


Mr. Anamela says  that the agriculture officers from her office who are in Chiyuni have also confirmed the presence of the army worms in the area.



She  said the army worms have since invaded a few farms where farmers had planted early.



She said the worms have also been seen feeding on the green grass in some parts of Chiyuni.



Ms Anamela said her office has since dispatched a team of officers led by a crop husbandry officer to Chiyuni area to spray the affected areas.

She said the team will also assess the extent of damage that the worms have caused on the emerging crops.


The army worms move in great multitudes and are most active at night.

As they migrate, the worms consume plants which they find along the way.



During the 2012/2013 farming season, the army worms were first detected in Chibombo and Chongwe districts and later in some other parts of the country.




Meanwhile, the DACO has urged farmers in the area not to panic at the presence of the army worms because the district is equipped with adequate chemicals and sprayers to contain any outbreak of the army worms.



She has since appealed to the farmers to be on alert and report any strange looking worms on their fields to her office.