Kalaba explains Lungu’s Zimbabwe visit

Edgar Lungu
Edgar Lungu

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has dispelled reports that he together with Patriotic Front President Edgar Lungu discussed the issue of funding PF campaigns during their meeting with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe in Harare yesterday.

Addressing a media briefing in Lusaka today, Mr Kalaba says the visit to Zimbabwe was meant to provide an opportunity for the two leaders to brief each other on their respective just ended party conferences and current issues affecting the two parties, which are sister parties.

Mr Kalaba says as the first contact as respective presidents, the two renewed their commitment to continue cooperating.

He says the PF has received and continues to recei ve support from local well wishers, and that the need for external help in this regard will not arise.

Mr Kalaba who is PF presidential campaign spokesperson says Mr Lungu took time to brief President Mugabe on the events leading to his election as well as after the election.

He states that Mr Lungu also assured Mr Mugabe that unity is returning to the ruling Patriotic Front.

Mr Kalaba explains that the meeting was important in many respects including the fact that as SADC Chairperson, President Mugabe was assured that the elections will be held in a free and fair environment.

And Mr Kalaba says all political parties should accept the outcome of the 20th January presidential election.

He says the PF has confidence in the electoral system and particularly in those tasked with the duty of managing the electoral commission.


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  1. I don’t trust this gentleman..I remember the time when Data was sick this man kept on cheating the nation that the president was doing fine and performing his duties well when we knew the president was very scythes are the people who should learn that you can’t fool people all the time and must not be trusted disappointed with this so called youth minister now he is busy cheating Edgar.

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