Poor People’s Freedom party pledges free education

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The president of the opposition Poor People Freedom Party Alex Muliokela has pledged to provide free education to all citizens from primary to university level if he is elected to form government after the January 20, 2015 presidential elections.


Mr. Muliokela said this is the only way that poor people will also be given an opportunity to attain an education and better their lives.


He said this vision is possible and attainable noting that it was done during first president Kenneth Kaunda’s regime which lasted 27 years.


Mr. Muliokela also stated an ambitious vision of constructing a university in each constituency across the country in order for everyone to have access to university education.


He acknowledged that this endeavour may not be easy but stressed that he would implement the project by turning one high school in each constituency into a university.


Mr. Muliokela has since appealed to the electorate to vote for him in the forthcoming presidential elections if their welfare was to be uplifted saying he has great ideas on how to fight poverty and tackle many other challenges facing the people in the country.


He also told ZANIS in Lusaka today that every individual, including babies, would be getting K1, 000 per month for their sustenance once he becomes president.


He said his government would print enough money for everyone in order to equalise the divide that exists between the rich and poor.


Asked as to whether he was aware of the concept of inflation, Mr. Muliokela said he has acquired enough education to juggle inflationary issues with production constraints.


He said he would maintain what he called stock level to balance the availability of essential goods while keeping checks on the financial side.