— Katete house wife to compensate hubby’s girlfriend.

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— A Katete House wife has been slapped a nine months suspended sentence after she was found to have stabbed her husbands’ girlfriend Elibberty Daka.



Margret Kadahoma 36 of Tikondane section in Katete told court that she stabbed Daka with a knife after she found her having sex with her husband.



She told court that on two occasions she confronted Elibberty and her husband about the adulterous behavior that the two were involved with.

She further explained that on November 3 she took her husband to the local court where he pleaded with her for reconciliation promising to stop his affair with Elibberty.



Margret who pleaded guilty to the offence of unlawful wounding contrary to section 232 of the penal code and cap 87 of the laws of Zambia told court that despite the two reconciling her husband continued the affair until the fateful day when she caught them pants down.



She told court that she however had witnesses to the matter adding that at some point she requested to be divorced so that her husband could go on and marry another woman.


In passing judgment Magistrate Simushi Mwakoi wondered why Margret resorted to unlawfully wound Elibberty when in the past she had used re-conciliatory means to resolve similar matters.



Magistrate Mwakoi said that wounding someone was not justification to any form of provocation.



In her mitigation Margret told court that her husband was not in a habit of buying food adding that if sent to court her children would suffer.



However magistrate Mwakoi reminded Margret that she should have considered the plight of her children before reacting.



He then ordered Margret to compensate Elibberty with a 200 Kwacha payable 30th December and added a nine months simple imprisonment but suspended for twelve months.